mal-badges Version 2 is here! More infos


Mal-Badges Version 2 is here !

29 August 2022

The new version of mal-badges is live ! Please read this text entierly (at least the title) :)

But I see no changes on ??

Since this website was initially a school project, the code is pretty messy and don't work really well. This is why I made the choice to start over a new website.

This site will close ??

Since mal-badges V2 is a new website, you probably ask what will happen to this site. It will stay online! I will create the year badges until 2025 and this site will stay online for pepole who use it (except if there is anybody who use it and start to the use the V2.).

Why a new site ??

This site is linked to and force me to follow here rules and need a more complex code to ask data from your profile. So I have decided to create my own site with my own database to separate from It allows me to create cool things like manga badges and event badges.

This is a personal choice, don't force me to do it or trying to stop this website (I prefer to say it to avoid missconfusion).

So what can I do in this new website ?

A lot of things ! But the main features are:
- The new badges system with new badges (like manga badge) and event badge (christmas badge for example)
- A new database who can manage anime, manga and serie (a "new" type of page that contain anime and mangas from one serie)
- User profile with anime and manga watching list
- Anime and manga rating system
- And the main new feature: the proposals system ! With this you can participate and help creating the database, if something is missing you can create it and pepole can approve or refuse your proposal. With this system you can earn points! This make this new website manage by the community !
You can find more details directly on new website :) If you can at least try it it will be really cool !

So there is no link with ?

YES ! This a totally different website and there is no link with

So this new website it finished ?

Currently we have a really good 1.0 with lot of feature but it still missing some things, like characters for exemple. I will still work on it and you have a page to send me feedback, bugs or idea! Like a said I want to create a community website where everyone can participate.

So where is this website???

It's named Kaize (based on the "kaizen" japanese word) and you can find it here :

We are collecting data from your myanimelist profile. It may take a few minutes, depending on the number of anime in your list. Please be patient!
Watch this cat or go watch an anime episode :)
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